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How To Appeal A Yellow Box Junction Ticket

Notice of Penalty Charge Notice


This is the appeal that I made in th efirst instance to Haringey. Below is the full text of my appeal.

Penalty Charge Notice Number: HY********


I wish to appeal against this Penalty Charge Notice.

The alleged Contravention did not occur. The PCN HY******** alleges that the vehicle was in contravention of a parking contravention. The vehicle was not parked and therefore the contravention of “Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited” does not apply.

The alleged Contravention did not occur. The Yellow Box junction shown in the photograph is not valid because the yellow box does not go right up to the kerb as is required by law.

The photograph provided clearly shows the Yellow Box ending well short of the kerb.

Such a Yellow box which deviates from the standards requires approval from the Department for Transport (DfT). As such I request proof of this approval by the Department for Transport.

If such proof exists, I still contend that the alleged Contravention did not occur for the following reason. When I entered the Yellow Box junction, the vehicle in front of me was moving. That vehicle then stopped after I had entered the junction forcing me to stop within the yellow box junction.

The offence is committed when one enters the box. I therefore require the full video evidence to show that I entered the yellow box junction when the vehicle in front of me was stationary.

I also included the diagram below, which shows in detail how a Yellow Box Junction must be laid out.


This is the acknowledgment I recieved for having lodged my appeal.

Notice of Rejection

Haringey Parking services rejected my appeal. Notice how they ignore my request for video evidence to show that I entered this supposed yellow box junction without my exit being clear.

They have also ignored my request to see the evidence that this yellow box junction has recieved exemption from the Department for Transport not to go all the way up to the kerb.



Appeal to Parking and Traffic Appeals Service

As Haringey Parking Services did not answer any of my questions I proceeded to appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.


First Date of Adjudication


Second Date of Adjudication

Appeal Allowed

Haringey Parking Services decided not to contest my appeal and therefore the Adjudicator allowed my appeal.

Having returned to this case a year later I have the following observations to make about Haringey Parking Services.

  1. The notice they sent out, see above, refered to Parking Offence rather than a Moving Traffic Offence in a yellow box junction
  2. Their own camera clearly shows the Yellow Box Junction does not go up to the kerb as required by law
  3. They did not provide me with video evidence that an offence had taken place
  4. They did not provide me with evidence that this Yellow Box Junction which does deviate from diagram 1043 has been approved by the Department of Transport
  5. They had alrady been told once that Yellow Box junctions which do not go up to the kerbs are incorrect

It would thus appear that I could have won my case on any one of the above 5 points.

One year on the Yellow Box Junction has not been changed in any way, so if you have been caught in this particular box junction I suggest you appeal against it as I did, and keep your money in your pocket in these harsh economic times.



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